Top 7 places for Real Estate Investment in Hubli

Are you thinking about investing in real estate property in Hubli? Here we discuss to pinpoint and give detailed information about real estate investment benefits in Hubli Dharwad and what are the trending locations in Hubli where buying and Constructing property will fetch good returns and appreciation.


The Benefits of Real Estate Investing are as following,

  • Steady Income
  • Long term financial security
  • Tax benefits
  • Mortgage payments are covered
  • Real estate appreciation
  • Inflation
  • You become your own decision-maker

Why Hubli,

Hubli is also known as Chotta Mumbai is a well-known city for its transport network which is one of the main reasons for investing in real estate in Hubli. Also, Hubli is the main junction place of Karnataka with Southwestern railway headquarters located here, it has made its name in holding good connectivity to other cities by rail, bus, and air. Moreover, this city lies in the golden quadrilateral network of highways which connects to most of the cities of the south and western parts of India.

Below are some of the best Locations in Hubli to invest on Real estate

1. Gokul Road:

Gokul Road is one of the fast-developing Residential and Industrial hubs in Hubli. Here, you find areas like Rajendra Nagar, Manjunath Nagar, Vikas Nagar along this stretch. Apart from that, Airport is Driving the demand for real estate growth. Along this stretch, Sewakram Realty has its ongoing commercial buildings like Gardenia beside brand Factory and opposite to Urban Oasis Mall and Signage Solutions commercial building which has 4 floors with all modern amenities located on Gokul road aka Airport road.


2. Keshwapur

Keshwapur is one of the popular locations in Hubli where many HNIs have made their homes, It surrounded by lots of commercial facilities. The Kusugal Road is in good condition which makes the localities drive smoothly. If you are thinking of investing in Keshwapur or Kusugal road stretch it will definitely bring you good appreciation.  Arihant Residency is one of the best projects Sewakram realty has executed in this area. This project is well designed and gives you a luxury feel with excellent cross ventilation and natural light.


3. Kusugal Road

Kusugal is a large village located on the outskirts of Hubli on National Highway NH 218.  One of the Best things about Kusugal road is the Hubballi railway station is absolutely nearby. Some of the builders have come up with building their dream residency projects. A few of them are Saraswathipuram and Naveen Park Residency which includes  Luxurious bungalows, Schools, Colleges, Banks, Commercial establishments, Restaurants, Grocery stores, Gyms, etc.


4. Vidya Nagar- Shirur Park

This part of Hubli which is long known for housing big educational institutes like BVB, Global College, IBMR recently has swung into a plush commercial location. THe Shirur park road concretization and redevelopment have shaped the area to be futuristic. The road is a hub for college-going students with lots of coffee shops, restaurants, and small joints. Property rates in Shirur Park, lingraj Nagar have jumped exponentially. Investing in a property asset here will definitely be a great choice.


5. Karwar Road

The stretch of the city road that takes you close to western ghats and beaches is a good real estate investment too. People have started investing in the outskirts like Mishrikoti, Investing on Karwar road for commercial projects like warehouses, godowns will get you good value.


6. Sulla Road

Residential lands on Sulla Road are available at a cheap valuation for construction. Gopankoppa, Sulla road have become good destinations for the construction of villas at large plots. Investing in residential plots on Sulla road will eventually earn good returns on assets. Sewakram is looking to construct villas for any individuals looking to construct as a Civil contractor and designer.


7. PB Road

Hubli Dharwad road stretch of 28 kms is almost connected together with no empty space left on each side of the road. Rayapur, Navnagar, Gamangatti, Navalur etc., are good options for real estate investment. Sewakram is a key contractor for Metro Cash and Carry coming up on this road. Investing in PB road adjoining sites on both sites is not a bad option at all.



Buying a property is a great investment strategy that can be more Profitable than any other asset class. It can be a small or huge investment but every investment has the potential to change our standards in life. Sewakram Realty is a key player in Hubli Real Estate. The company has guided many investors to make the right real estate investment decision.

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