To build stylish and modern buildings, homes without any compromise in quality. We believe in setting a high standard by giving good quality, timely delivery and competences by employing the best.


To Build The Tallest Skyscraper In Entire North Karnataka. To Complete Construction In Total 5 lakh sq.ft Plus Within 2021. To be known for quality  construction every real estate owner craves for.

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We are unique in design and are a professionally managed company. We are trustworthy and flexible with our clients. We have experienced set of engineers team and skilled labors with us.







A Youth Icon Who Wants to Scrape the Sky

Er. Karan Agrawal

Managing Director

Er. Karan Agrawal, BE (Civil), Best Civil Contractors in Hubli, as the promoter of Sewakram Realty, is possessed with a lot of guts and gumption. Civil Contractors Services in Hubli he decided to become a civil engineer inspired by his maternal uncle Bajrang Agrawal, a successful builder in Mumbai. Karan meticulously worked towards fulfilling his ambition of becoming a reputed Civil Contractor with his own area of specialization and today stands tall as a youth icon for his achievements in the various domains of construction as well as civil engineering projects at a young age of 28 years.


He now strongly nurtures the goal of making Civil contractors company in Hubli, Dharwad as a land of skyscrapers and with due diligence hopes to put the two-tier cities among the tall maps of India in the construction segment. His desire to reach out to the sky has been fuelled by the success that he has achieved in a short span of time.


He has completed more than 25 projects comprising of industrial construction as well as warehouse, cold storage, commercial complexes, villas and residential apartment construction. Apart from taking up turnkey projects, he has also launched his own commercial and residential apartment construction projects.


At present Er. Karan Agrawal is the Launch Ambassador of BNI Hubballi, Dharwad and regional member of BNI, and proud member of TIECON Hubli 2021. he is also a member of “young indians” (Yi) Hubli-Dharwad, with an aim to participate in the activities for the development of society.

Our Team

Manohar Raibagi

Site Engineer

Shubham Joshi

Site Engineer

Nidhi Jain

Accounts Admin


Sr. Office Superintendent

Punith Kamble

Site Engineer

Vijay Barad

Site Engineer

Revan Sidha

Office Boy

Roshan Kalburgi

Site Engineer

Mahammad Jafar Gokul

Technical Assistant

Payal Porwal


Civil Construction Engineering in Hubli Dharwad

Karan’s grandfather Sewakram Agrawal migrated to Hubballi from Rajasthan in 1964, he laid the foundation for the Sewakram Group by foraying into the grocery business. Honest hard work with a strong team effort were the mantras for his success and his sons, including Karan’s father Arunkumar Sewakram Agrawal, imbibed those qualities to nurture the business and uphold the family tradition under a single entity aptly named as Sewakram Group.

The business has now branched off beyond Civil Construction engineering in Hubli, Dharwad, and other cities of North Karnataka with extended members of the family ensuring that the name of Sewakram is upheld at the highest level as a tribute to the man who ensured that the family would settle down to a nicety in Hubballi. Ever since the Group has held on to its identity with extended family members running various entities as independent units but all bound by the staunch principles of Sewakram.


Along with completing his BE graduation in 2014, he also finished two projects and was thus ‘industry ready’, unlike his other friends who were only theoretical oriented. But he decided to join BM Associates, the structural engineering in Hubli Dharwad firm of Mr. B. Mahesh, one of the most reputed Commercial Civil Contractors in Hubli,Dharwad. He endeared himself to his professional mentor Mr. Mahesh by walking the extra mile. His mentor was also aware that he was on a learning curve and would not be associated with the firm on the long-term. Yet he mentored him with the industry best practices so that he could gain the confidence to venture out on his own.


He feels greatly indebted to his Avinash Mahajan for handholding him in his initial years and Mr. Santosh Bhansali for reposing confidence and trust in his abilities with a Rs. 18 lakh project in Rayapur in Hubballi. He laid a strong foundation for his career with his very first brick and in a short span of five years has gone on to complete 25 projects comprising of industrial projects, warehousing, cold storage, commercial building, residential villas and residential apartments. He has also completed three of his own commercial and residential apartments named Sewakram Heritage, Sewakram Amantra and Sewakram Airview. He feels grateful to all those who supported him in his initial years, including his family, members of the Agrawal Samaj, BNI members and well-wishers.

Mr. Arun Agrawal has started Sewakram Agencies around 9 years back, it is managed by Mr. Arun Agrawal with his younger son Mr. Arjun Agrawal. Sewakram Agencies has grown up to be the top traders of wheat products, sugar, oil, rice etc. in Hubli-Dharwad.  Sewakram Agencies are Located at APMC yard, Hubli.

They have a vision of supplying finest quality products at the most Reasonable prices to the consumers with this vision they are working to enter in to the manufacturing sector so that they can serve the society with the best prices at A grade quality….

Started up with sewakram agencies, grew to sewakram marketing in the field of whole sellers & Traders, are now leading in the twin city as the top 10 traders of oil, sugar & wheat merchandise. It is managed by Mr. Arjun Agrawal.

They have a vision of supplying finest quality products at the most Reasonable prices to the consumers with this vision they are working to enter in to the manufacturing sector so that they can serve the society with the best prices at A grade quality….

Coming Soon….

Mrs. Jayshree Agrawal Spouse of Karan Agrawal is a practicing chartered accountant, who takes care of family business.

Karan’s father Mr. Arun Agrawal own’s a charitable trust named Sewakram Charitable Trust with an aim of contribution for the society. Sewakram Group includes, sewakram agencies, sewakram marketing, sewakram realty, some percentage of their profit goes to the sewakram charitable trust.

With an aim of supporting people During this pandemic Sewakram Charitable Trust has distributed free Ration kits to the mechanics of small garages of Hubli.

With an aim of fighting against Covid-19, sewakram charitable trust has supported “young indians” (Yi) by donating mask vending machines.

Having tested waters in the various segments of the construction industry, he has found his niche in pre-engineering buildings (PEB – in fact his present office is a PEB structure) and industrial buildings, including warehouses and cold storages. He already has nine ongoing projects in the industrial space as well as commercial and residential space. His office comprises of 15-member staff, including 12 engineers. The Sewakram Group as a whole has a staff strength of more than 50.

  • Member of Association of Civil Engineers
  • Active member of Business Network International (BNI). His enthusiasm to involve in BNI activities ensured that he soon became Director followed by becoming Secretary, Treasurer and President of BNI Grandeur Chapter.
  • At present he is the Launch Ambassador of BNI Hubballi-Dharwad and regional member of BNI.
  • At the young age of 20, he was made the Director of Agrawal Samaj and became a Secretary of the Samaj at the age of 24. He continues to serve the Samaj as Secretary.
  • Proud member of “young indians” (Yi) Hubli-Dharwad, with an aim to participate in the activities for the development of society.
  • Proud member of TIECON Hubli 2021.
  • A staunch believer in networking with people and connecting with them, he avidly socializes and has won kudos

He advocates youth to have fixed goals and achieve the same with a positive approach in life. They should count on the blessings of their elders in the family and strive hard to uphold traditions by setting achievable benchmarks. It is okay to dream, but just dreaming along would not suffice, the youth should ensure that they convert their dreams into tangible results for the good and betterment of society as well as their families.

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