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Design & Structure


Building Welfare

Construction Contracting Services in Hubli

Turnkey Contracts

We deal in Tunkey Contracts under which it takes responsibility for both design and construction of a facility.

Gated Community

We provide a high-security for Residential complexes with variety of Premium facilities to residents.

Residential Apartment

We deal in design and construction of residential buildings and also takes contracts of them.

Houses / Bungalows / Villas

Our aim is to build Stylish, modern houses with all kind of amenities by following the Basic Vaastu principles.

Commercial Complex / Mall

We also takes the contracts for the design and construction of the commercial buildings or office buildings.

PEB (Pre Engineering Buildings)

We also involved in design and construction of a civil structure for pre-engineered buildings.

Warehouse / Godown

We also involved in design and Construction of warehouse and godown for Commercial use.

Plot / Layout Development

We are also involved in the Site Plans and Layout developments for the new constructions.

Structural Consulting

We also deal in structural consulting under which we provide the structural drawing of the Building.

Temples / Mosque / School / Hospital

We involved in Design and Construction of schools, temples, mosques and hospitals. And also take the contracts of them.

Industrial Factories / Cold Storage

We also involved in design and construction of a cold storages for reducing energy consumption and facility efficiencies.

Incubators System Conveyor System

We also deal in conveyor systems which are useful in every industry where materials need to be moved.

Architecture Drawings

We involve in architectural drawings which are drawn to scale, so that relative sizes are correctly represented.

3D Designing

We can create stunning state-of-the-art 3D plans that gets you a true “feel” for the look and layout of a home or property.

Interior Designing

We ensure you to provide Unique beautiful interior designs for your homes, offices, commercial buildings etc

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