Real estate investment versus stock market

In this Article we will discuss about which a better investment idea Real estate investment is or stock market.


“Invest to earn and earn to invest” – A powerful statement in the field of investing.


Real Estate and Gold has been the sought after investment options for most of the Indians since ages due to faith of assured price appreciation”.


The above philosophy is changing, now a days Indians are looking for different earning ways to build their wealth, everyone looks for multiple income source. At the time of investment it is difficult for the investor to choose a right option for the investment.


Stock market & Real estate both have different characteristic. Both have some good or some bad terms which have to understand, one of them is Liquidity. Stock markets are highly Liquidize that turn them into highly risk along with high returns. While Real Estate is really low Liquidize that turn it into low risk but have to wait for long time to get more profit on investment.

Stock Market: stock market is a Trading platform for buying and selling shares of listed companies. In India NSE, BSE are well known stock exchanged regulated by SEBI (Security and Exchange Board of India).


By investing money in a company you can earn profit as per the growth of the company. The part of ownership is known as the stock of the company.


  1. The Stock Market is high risk high rewarding market.
  2. If you want to literally earn money with the stock market, you need to study the market.
  3. The stock market gives you a return of 12–15% on average per year.

Real estate investment: you can invest money in real estate in many ways like commercial, residential, land, property. These investments can provide profit with appreciation or rentals.


  1. Real estate requires a high amount to invest, where as you can buy a stock even with 100 Rs.
  2. Risk is lower in Real estate investment where as higher the risk in stock market is.
  3. To get double return on investment real estate takes years of time
  4. With investing in stock you can buy or sell stock at any time by making your profit.


In the short or long term, whether you are trying to expand your wealth, it can be hard to know which is the best choice. You have to be patient after investing in real estate, it even take decades to get double return on investment. Can make further investments in renovating the existing properties if you are more eager to flip the property, although real estate may not offer as much liquidity as stocks. Also need a high amount to invest in real estate while investment in stocks can begin with relatively less amount.


Stock markets are highly Liquidize hence offer both long and short term investments. As they are more volatile hence requires experience and knowledge to invest in stocks.


Both the investments are good and profitable; the tangible existence has become one of the significant reasons for real estate. Generally investment is depends on how much fund you have and are looking for short term or long term investment. Tangible nature of real estate became a big argument. On the other hand, equity is an entry in your demat account and often investors do not know what happens inside the company. Returns on realty and equity generally depend on GDP growth.


If the investment in real estate is a low risk yet a profitable option then Why should go to Stock Market!

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