Roles Of Civil Engineers In Construction Projects

Civil engineering is arguably the oldest engineering discipline and civil engineers are responsible for the world we Live in. They are indeed the main reason for constructing bridges, Dams, Tunnels, Subways, and other facilities. So the work they do is highly Appreciable and they need to be knowledgeable on the Civil work and make sure to accomplish the work with all the safety. Apart from that, they have to be good enough at understanding the design of architects and give the final result by completing it as Planned.


Here, the Civil engineers‘ in the Civil construction company have main two responsibilities ranging from Consulting engineering to Contracting engineering. Consulting engineers are the ones who work on the design of the construction project given by the architect and the second Contracting Engineers who are called the site engineers, as they manage the main Construction process and begin with a variety of tasks from construction crew management to realizing the construction plan.


On the other hand, Civil Engineers have to establish constant and Clear interaction with Architects and subcontractors and also find out the issues in the site, then communicate that soon to the Project manager to resolve it once and avoid the future change order.

Roles of Civil Engineer

As mentioned, Civil engineers take numerous responsibilities in Construction projects. That said, He should have the basic knowledge of construction procedures on the construction site and on how projects are planned in the details.


Overall, check out the other roles of Civil Engineer in the construction field:


1. Safety Engineer


Safety is the prime requirement in Construction Companies. This is why Safety on a site is measured properly by the Safety Engineer. Yes, He takes the role of safeguarding the site by checking whether the Equipment, materials are in good condition. For this part, He plans the safety procedures and then sends them to workers. He also has the full power to stop the work when he sees that the safety regulations are not followed properly.


2.Billing Engineer


The role of Billing Engineer in construction is all about preparing bills for the clients for payments. Also, estimation of quantities, Budgeting the records of projects, and the order of materials is performed by the Engineers. 


3.Planning Engineer


He is the one who plans and deals with the workers, materials, and also the procedures of the work at the site. He plans everything on the site and makes sure the work goes on as planned on the site as well as Planning Engineer organizes the operation and checks on all the assets whether they are properly used.


4.Quality Engineer:


Being the Quality engineer, it is his responsibility to ensure that quality work is maintained on the site, and also he has to check the status of the materials which are going to be used and observe that they follow with the design part.


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